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Showcase-Berlin Above Ground

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Showcase-Berlin Above Ground
  1. The Showcase is modular, with LH Modules containing the controls and roller drive and RH modules the Hand Wheel. Together, RH + LH Modules make the mini size Showcase.
  2. For larger pools, LH and RH Modules are spaced with Extension Modules, 0.8m and 1.6m, to make Showcase Storage boxes up to 7.2m long.
  3. Standard roller diameter is 100mm. The recommended length of 6mm blanket is 12m, maximum 14m.
  4. Standard width 650mm, height 525mm
  5. Standard warranty is free replacement of defective components for 2 years.
  6. Note that Showcase is IP66, so it is hose proof, but not immersion proof
  1. All tools are provided except for a hammer drill
  2. Check the labels to ensure you have the right set of Modules for your pool  
  3. Download the Installation  the Manual at
Showcase Size Roller Tube Length Modules Suits Pool Width
3.2m 2.9m LH + RH 2.6m
4.0m 3.7m LH +RH + 0.8m 3.4m
4.8m 4.5m LH +RH + 1.6m 4.2m
5.6m 5.3m LH +RH + 1.6m + 0.8m 5.0m
6.4m 6.1m LH +RH + 2 x 1.6m 5.8m
7.2m 6.9m LH +RH + 2 x 1.6m + 0.8m 6.6m