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AnHui Daisy Power is located in a 2,000 sqm workshop in Bengbu, in the South east of China, just 2 hours by train from Shanghai. AnHui Daisy Power was formed from  Altlu Machinery, established 2008, which prepares and implements custom designs to meet specific customer requirements. For the past 9 years, Altlu has successfully developed and produced a number of novel designs for our customers. 

We have an extremely fast development cycle, supplying customers with custom products for various business areas.Altlu's production skills include precision TIG welding and decking production on CNC machines as well as high quality assembly and testing. We offer our customers complete solutions – hardware, controls and software - as well as a very fast development cycle, from concepts through models and drawings to prototyping and quantity production.

In 2012, Altlu started cooperating with Daisy Pool Covers Australia,  the leading pool cover manufacturer in Australia. Together, we developed the Daisy Power and the Showcase Berlin electric drive systems. For  past 5 years, Altlu has been the sole supplier of electric drives and Showcase products to Daisy Pool Covers.

In 2017 Altlu Machinery formed AnHui Daisy Power Co Ltd. to promote the sales and development of pool cover systems to the world . We are now looking forward to engaging with distributors in all countries other than Australasia, to whom we offer reliable quality and excellent service at an affordable price. 

The Anhui Daisy Power team operates like a family, where the team leaders for the key functions and workshops are the manager’s life time friends.

Production Office
To ease communication and to ensure problems are identified and dealt with on the spot, our production office is in the open plan assembly and test area order processing, stock control, design and shipping are managed by the production office.

Parts Warehouse: All parts tested on receipt, are coded with a unique ID and controlled by software.
They are located in uniquely identified positions in the warehouse.

Assembly Area 

Packing Anhui Daisy is very experienced in international freight. Finished products, ready to ship to customer are accumulated and we ensure documentation is provided for trouble free shipping: customer information, product codes and quantities, invoice cost, AQUIS (quarantine) and other clearances etc.

WPC deck processing facility: High quality decking cutting and machining.
High Speed CNC cutting machine with large table

TIG welding and metal processing workshop. Japanese (Panasonic) welding machines and custom jigs and fixtures are used for high quality TIG welding.